She’s Got News for Him

Love enemies to lovers? Pick up the latest instalove novella from Violet Caldwell. His Rival features rival reporters Paige and Harrison as they try to get the scoop but end up with a lot more.


I know what I want, and that’s a career in journalism. Men, and all the complications that come with them, can wait. I don’t have time for Harrison Bennett, the way-too-attractive TV reporter who keeps crossing the path I’m blazing through this small coastal city. Now, he’s my competition for the big scoop that can launch me out of this town and into the big leagues. Harrison is more experienced than I am, in every way. I resent him, and I’m definitely not falling for him. But something casual? I might be able to do that.


I know I can’t do casual with P. T. “Paige” Carrington, but when this sassy, confident cub reporter is around, I can’t think straight. Our sensual investigation can’t be serious anyway, with Paige’s career ambition leading her to the big city, and my obligations keeping me in Bayside Beach, California. When my promotion rides on me getting the news story first, things get even more complicated. I want her to be mine, but with all the secrets I’ve been keeping, it looks like bad news for my heart.

Due for a Lesson in Love

Ready for instalove in the library? My latest novella, His Tutor, is out now and free in Kindle Unlimited or 99 cents to purchase.


Being trapped in a library should be a dream come true for a nerdy college student like me. Instead, I’m snowbound with my hot, grouchy tutoring client. I’ve been crushing on Jack Sullivan for weeks, and he’s almost as afraid of opening up as he is of algebra. I’m not surprised to learn that he’s a few years older than I am, or that he was hiding a sense of humor. I’ve never factored a relationship into my life, but Jack makes me want it all. When I find out that far from struggling like I am, Jack is secretly wealthy, I’m not sure forever can be in the equation.


Bailey Sutton was supposed to help me pass the math class that’s kept me from my degree, and, more importantly, fulfilling a promise to my mentor. What my brainy, beautiful tutor doesn’t know is that I want her to be mine. When I finally let down my guard, we heat up the library one storm-tossed night. The fact that I’m one of Portland, Oregon’s most eligible millionaires may be a deal-breaker for this independent woman, but I’m prepared to grovel. The algebra final isn’t the only test I need to pass.

Love Is in the Mix

His Baker is here! This instalove fake boyfriend romance is a steamy-but-sweet novella with a guaranteed happily. It’s just 99 cents, or free in Kindle Unlimited.

His Baker instalove novella
Chloe Dating a millionaire like Drew Masterson should be a definite “no” for me, but it doesn’t count if it’s just for pretends, right? I’ve lived the rich-person life, and I’m not going back unless it’s on my terms. I’ve traded the silver spoon for a baker’s whisk. My focus needs to be on building my cupcake business, proving myself, and making my baking school mentor proud. When Drew suggests we fake date, I figure my inexperienced self can get some real lessons out of the deal. But I may be mixed up in more than I can handle.

Drew I don’t have time for a relationship. I’m new to San Diego, with a high-paying job I hate and family secrets that can’t stay hidden. When Chloe Delacourt agrees to distract my selfish, social-climbing parents by posing as my girlfriend, things start looking up. Sure, it’s hard to hide the fact that I’m already falling in love with Chloe. The pretty baker is brave, brilliant, and knows exactly what she wants. If I tell her everything, will I lose her before she’s even mine?