She’s Got News for Him

Love enemies to lovers? Pick up the latest instalove novella from Violet Caldwell. His Rival features rival reporters Paige and Harrison as they try to get the scoop but end up with a lot more.


I know what I want, and that’s a career in journalism. Men, and all the complications that come with them, can wait. I don’t have time for Harrison Bennett, the way-too-attractive TV reporter who keeps crossing the path I’m blazing through this small coastal city. Now, he’s my competition for the big scoop that can launch me out of this town and into the big leagues. Harrison is more experienced than I am, in every way. I resent him, and I’m definitely not falling for him. But something casual? I might be able to do that.


I know I can’t do casual with P. T. “Paige” Carrington, but when this sassy, confident cub reporter is around, I can’t think straight. Our sensual investigation can’t be serious anyway, with Paige’s career ambition leading her to the big city, and my obligations keeping me in Bayside Beach, California. When my promotion rides on me getting the news story first, things get even more complicated. I want her to be mine, but with all the secrets I’ve been keeping, it looks like bad news for my heart.