Ready for a Road Trip?

All roads lead to instalove in my latest novella, His Driver. It’s just 99 cents, or free in Kindle Unlimited.

Marisa Cameron Cole is one of the grouchiest passengers I’ve ever picked up. But he’s out of travel options and I’m facing an overdue college tuition bill. So why not spend my day (and night) toting an arrogant, rich—and decidedly handsome—businessman from Northern California to Arizona? I’ve got some wounds, physical and otherwise, but I’m tough. Trouble is, the more time we spend on the road, the more Cam lets down his guard. And the more I see of this passenger of mine, the more it makes me want him to be my first.

Cameron Transportation crisis plus family crisis has me barking out orders to a beautiful, off-limits rideshare driver. Marisa is a passionate college student and a dozen years younger that I am. She’s definitely going places. But when this beautiful, empathetic woman makes a very intimate request, I can’t say no. The worst that can happen is she finds out that I want something more from her. Like forever.

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