Love Is in the Mix

His Baker is here! This instalove fake boyfriend romance is a steamy-but-sweet novella with a guaranteed happily. It’s just 99 cents, or free in Kindle Unlimited.

His Baker instalove novella
Chloe Dating a millionaire like Drew Masterson should be a definite “no” for me, but it doesn’t count if it’s just for pretends, right? I’ve lived the rich-person life, and I’m not going back unless it’s on my terms. I’ve traded the silver spoon for a baker’s whisk. My focus needs to be on building my cupcake business, proving myself, and making my baking school mentor proud. When Drew suggests we fake date, I figure my inexperienced self can get some real lessons out of the deal. But I may be mixed up in more than I can handle.

Drew I don’t have time for a relationship. I’m new to San Diego, with a high-paying job I hate and family secrets that can’t stay hidden. When Chloe Delacourt agrees to distract my selfish, social-climbing parents by posing as my girlfriend, things start looking up. Sure, it’s hard to hide the fact that I’m already falling in love with Chloe. The pretty baker is brave, brilliant, and knows exactly what she wants. If I tell her everything, will I lose her before she’s even mine?