Waking Up Married… By Accident

His Mistake is the newest Instalove novella from Violet Caldwell. When Anna and Landon realize they’ve married by mistake, an annulment seems like a simple solution. The only problem is, Landon is falling is love with his wife, and Anna isn’t far behind.


I’m in Vegas for my friend’s wedding, but it’s me who wakes up married. Even worse, my accidental husband is the arrogant best friend of the groom—the same man I foolishly kissed at the engagement party six months ago. I’m a law student with a reputation for planning and precision. There’s one area in which I have little experience, and Landon Parker is more than willing to show me what he knows. We’re playing with fire, but we’ve agreed that as soon as the annulment papers come through, it’s over.


I’ve sworn off any walks down the aisle, so why am I not nearly as eager as Anna to correct our mistake and undo this marriage? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that when we’re together, the chemistry is off the charts. Everyone thinks I’m a trust-funder who lacks direction, and I guess they’re right. But when I’m with Anna, anything seems possible. When her boss hears about our Vegas wedding, I’m happy to pretend it’s real, at least until Anna’s internship is over. The only problem is, I’m falling in love with my wife.