When Opposites Attract

The newest Instalove romance from Violet Caldwell is out now! His Artist brings together optimistic Paige and grouchy Harrison, and when these opposites get together, things really heat up.


Some people just check all the boxes, even if they’re your polar opposite. That’s how it is for me when Mercer Price starts coming into my coffee shop. I work there in between making my art, with a college degree tucked in my back pocket if I need it. But Mercer doesn’t need a safety net; he’s rich. When my handsome, uptight customer goes from shy to sweet to sensual, I decide he’ll be perfect as my not-quite boyfriend. I can shake off my hang-ups as we shake things up in bed. The two of us think we can keep things casual, but soon I’m falling—and there’s no net at all.


I should stay away from Ivy. My pretty, patient barista is also a talented artist with big things ahead of her. She doesn’t need my grouchy self or my family drama. But when I get a chance to spend time with her, I learn that while our lives have nothing in common, we’re extremely compatible in other ways. And when Ivy asks me to be her first, there’s no way I can say no. The only problem is, she doesn’t know that I want to make our temporary arrangement something permanent.